We offer the Office of Design and Construction where our experienced staff will prepare necessary designs and visualizations to create a product. We use the most modern software on the market, PTC (Pro / Engineer Wildfire 3.0). Our fully equipped tool room allows us to make almost every, even the most unusual order maintaining deadlines and quality.

In order to meet high demands of our customers, PRIMUS relies on modern technology. We have State-of-the-Art software greatly accelerating the entire process of design and documentation.

Here are some file formats supported by our software:

  • STEP,
  • STP,
  • IGS,
  • PARASOLID and other.

Pro / ENGINEER WILDFIRE is a fully integrated parametric CAD \ CAM \ CAE \ PDM \ PLM system widely used in the automotive industry. The modular design allows it to suit to the specific applications. The program is associative and parametric, both CAM processing and CAE calculations take place in the same environment as CAD design, which eliminates problems with the translation of data between programs and facilitates the orientation through a single user interface. Starting from the idea – through design - construction - a number of analyzes - and finishing on production technology, 2D documentation and supporting the CNC machines. ParasolidR is a proven, accurate geometry modeler developed by UGS in Cambridge, England. It is dedicated for the most advanced MCAD applications. To make sure our product is not only properly designed but it is also made with high precision we use clamping SYSTEM R3. In the nearest future we are hoping to get certificate ISO: 9001, which confirms the high quality of our services and products.

Production - in our case is quite well developed so it forced us to divide it into the sectors

Sector 1 – custom made spare parts for tea packaging machines of companies.

Sector 2 - metallization of plastics

Sector 3 - spare parts for machines, including all mounting hardware and conducting material.

Sector 4 - a full range of services relating to machining.

Machine park - tool room

The machine park at our disposal allows us to process the following dimensions:


Fi 8 to Fi 450 length 1500 mm


Maximum detail size 1600 x 1000 x 600


Maximum 27m x 18m x 6m

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